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COVID-19 Worship Update
Andrews Chapel UMC is currently meeting for worship. In an effort to do no harm to one another and to our community, we will be following certain safety guidelines when we gather.
1. Masks - Everyone who enters the building is expected to wear a mask. This is proven to be the best way to protect one another from the current virus.
2. Wash Hands - Everyone should wash their hands regularly. When this is not possible or
practical, hand sanitizer is a good temporary option. Folks should be sure to wash and/or sanitize their hands after touching anything in public spaces.
3. Distancing - Those attending worship who are not members of the same household are expected to maintain a minimum of 6 feet between one another. Our worship space has been
arranged to allow people to attend worship while also maintaining the minimum recommended distance.
4. No Physical Contact - Sadly, it is not currently safe for us to share physical contact with those outside of our individual households. This means no hugs, no handshakes, no fist bumps, etc.
This may be one of the hardest for many of us, where our church family is our family. However,
it is also important for keeping one another safe.
5. No Singing - Studies show that singing can spread this and other diseases over much greater
distances (16 feet or more). Our worship times will of course include music, but we will not be able to sing together at this time.
We are keeping a close eye on conditions in our area. With infections on the rise, we may decide to once again suspend worship in our sanctuary. Should this take place, we will consider the best options to maintain our spiritual practices and our connections to one another. From drive-in worship to online worship, there are many options available to us.
If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.

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